Education: how can we understand it?

Nowadays a lot of people talk about useless education. The level of knowledge is not defined by the level of your education. It is right. But why do so many people study at university, colledges, etc? How can anyone understand that you are clever? If you know smth, it means nothing. We should develop all our skills, get a lot of new information, learn foreign languages, go in for sports, etc.

What does education mean?

  1. It is a complex of knowledges, skills, which a person has.
Most of people think so. But everyone is ready to add his own characteristics that make him better than anybody else. None of us names stuped himself, but shows all his skills like a superhero of the world.
What does this person talk us?
  • He is independent. He finds out what he wants to know and wha he needs to know.
  • I am against public standards or I do not agree with them
  • I am clever, I am EDUCATED. Do not think that I am stuped... Do you notice oposite opinions?
2. Education is that knowledges, which public standards dictate. This definition causes the "sea" of negative emotions, comments. All of puples and student are against modern system of education. But all subjects at school or university help us to develop our skills: to analyze information, use the foundations of social and humanitarian knowledges for building own world outlook, use maths for orientation in information world. Is it bad? I do not think so.

3. Education defines your status in society. Few people thinks so but they do it. What do you think about it?

4. Education is a process of personality studing and upbringing. I agree with it. Everyone have been studing and upbringing for his life. To engage self-education in all directions is the best way of your life. Everyone becomes very interesting and attractive personality.

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