Good evening, dear friends.Today I want to tell you about a very promising project Egretia.HTML5 is recognized worldwide and covers areas such as mobile games, the Internet, advertising, video and so on. With it, you can eliminate a large number of performance and compatibility issues that are very common in the gaming industry. Thanks to this platform, you can create new business models. Of course, some weaknesses are still present, this includes the lack of a global and secure payment system solution for users.
Egretia Lab is a kind of platform that allows HTML5 to work on the block chain. So with the help, Egretia Lab, we can overcome main disadvantages of HTML5 and to add solutions for the development of the industry.

The cross-platform nature of the technology allows it to be used in different industries, creating completely new business models.Despite the rapid development of this technology, some weaknesses still exist, including the lack of a global and unified secure payment solution.Also there are no real solutions for secure user data storage. There is a need for a mechanism that ensures honesty and fairness in games, a method of protecting the intellectual characteristics of HTML5-based products, as well as an incentive for developers to create high-quality games.
This network will be based on a delegated share of the consensus mechanism. Its network will be to optimize as well as HTML5 game performance. Through the use of blockchain and Heron engine tools, developers can create blockchain DApps pretty quickly.
A solid Foundation will be set for the blockchain project, thanks to the Egret tool that will be used in the Egretia platform.
Public network Egretia will have the processing power. This is ideal for performance optimization as well as for the gaming industry. Pretty fast transaction.
With the use of DPOs, scalability will increase, thus up to 2000 operations can be supported. In accordance with the big business needs, TEC will be increased.
With Egretia, you can change the system parameters in real time. With the help of voting, you can change the platform parameters.

In our modern world, where Internet technologies are rapidly developing, methods of providing and structuring data are constantly improving. The sphere of games on mobile devices has changed a lot. Because of what is happening, modern technology has exhausted itself quite quickly. Thus, in the future mobile games will be developed.

Egret is an extensive tool for creating 2D games, which is more than enough to work with a team at a basic level of knowledge. By combining all the tools and blocking into one platform, Egretia will provide you with a complete ecosystem with which to test, create, integrate with the blockbuster and improve your own content.
On the account of the distribution I will say the following: 40% is allocated for sales during the ICO, about 27% is allocated to the platform reserve, 20% for the team (Advisor and founders). And about 14% is allocated to marketing and a kind of business partnership. Also, 55% is allocated for the development and research of this platform and 10% for operating costs, the remaining 5% for legal costs.
The token will be used for efficient services, which will be based on DPOs, consesus mechanism aimed at the performance of HTML5. Through the blockchain interface layer, combined with the Egret engine tools, developers can quickly create dapps based on the blockchain.

Peter Huang (founder, entrepreneur, has 18 years of experience in the development of Internet projects, including gaming, previously worked as a technical Manager in Adobe Flash Platform).
Dirk Mayer (co-founder, senior program Manager at Adobe, has over 20 years of experience in global project management, has contributed greatly to Adobe's strategic business plans and innovative programs).
Yin MA (compiler and tools expert, entrepreneur, senior specialist of Qualcomm Department, has nearly two decades of experience in developing operating system compilers, participated in the creation of Fortran compilers for Intel / AMD).
Ross Przybylski (founder of D20Studios and former producer of Electronic Arts, has over 15 years of software development experience and 10 years of game development experience).
Lucas Lu (Advisor, graduated from Singapore University of management, holds a PhD in physics, founder of 5miles and Cybermiles, previously co-founded and CTO Light in the Box).


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