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Since Internet technologies have developed significantly in recent years, the limitations of HTML5 games have been eliminated. This technology is widely used in games, marketing, video, media, mobile applications, etc.
HTML5 games users account for 47% of mobile games users. In-game payment (instead of advertising) became the main source of income, and amounted to 68%. In 2017, the size of the HTML5 games market in China exceeded 10 billion yuan.
However, the HTML5 industry has its weaknesses: there is no global, unified and secure payment platform; there is no secure storage of virtual data; there are no mechanisms to ensure "fairness" in games; there is no rapid response to distributed internal communications; there are no mechanisms for effective protection of intellectual property for HTML5 products; there are no effective mechanisms for motivating good teams to develop high-quality games and applications; the need for different approaches to monetizing Internet traffic.
By combining blockchain technology with HTML5, developers can quickly create blockchain applications, and blockchain will be used in vertical industries.

About Ergetia

The company was founded in 2014. It has R&D centers in Beijing and Shanghai. Ergetia's goal: "Bring 200,000 developers and 1 billion HTML5 devices into the world of Blockchain.”As a cross-platform solution, HTML5 technology has gained worldwide recognition. It covers the Internet, mobile games, video, advertising and other industries, with a global market size of hundreds of billions of dollars.
The project creates a blockchain engine and HTML5 platform, combining blockchain with proven tools, communities and content of partners. Due to the fast pace of life and work of users, there is a need to use "fragmented time" (every free minute of rest will be used for entertainment and relaxation), This model will increase the stickiness of users, gaining more traffic. HTML5 features like Click-and-play, viral transmission, and custom stickiness make it perfect for the current market needs.
Tokens are managed through wallets. The platform provides a high level of payment platform security for all HTML5 blockchain applications. Developers are engaged in the development of additional wallets for PC, mobile devices and browsers.
It is planned that the blockchain they will create will support their own chain of Egretta, Ethereum, EOS and other public chains. This will allow all developers to create HTML5 games and apps based on the blockchain.
With the growing popularity of blockchain, more and more blockchain games are being created. However, this technology is quite complex. The Egretta game API is a way for developers to easily access the blockchain (with just a few lines of code). Developers can also combine HTML5 games with blockchain technology.
The open platform Of our strategic partner, Egreat Technology, is the largest HTML5 gaming platform in the world. It has more than 2,000 channels of distribution and more than 65,000 HTML5 games, with 40 million monthly active users. Using the new business mode revolution brought by blockchain technology, Egret's open Platform will be completely upgraded to a decentralized HTML5 game distribution platform, supporting HTML5 developers and reaching HTML5 players around the world.


In total will be issued 8,000,000,000 Egreten tokens.
Token distribution: Token sale event: up to 39%, Foundation: 27%, Marketing And Business Partners: 14%, Team, Participants And Consultants: 20%.
Softcap: 10,000 ethnic groups
Hard cap: 35,000 ETH + 6,000,000 CMT(CyberMiles)+ 1,000,000 ABT(Arcblock)


1) Each user will receive a unique passport with digital encryption.
2) Digital wallet with a low threshold and a high level of security, serving as a secure payment platform for all HTML5 blockchain applications.
3) Efficient, sustainable ecosystem.
4) Fast communication solutions and reliable server logic of smart contracts.

Egret technology has already developed 14 products: Egret Engine, Egret Runtime, DragonBones and Egret Wing, creating the first complete HTML5 development workflow in the world.
Developers can create content, test their achievements, integrate them with blockchain technology and distribute the finished product.At the same time Egretia is a tool for creating 2D games, it is enough even for a team with little experience. Egretia provides developers with a complete ecosystem through which they can create, test, debug, build, integrate with blockchain and monetize their own content.


The main development team came from Adobe Asia R&D center. They have 15 years of experience in the industry. The project partner in China is Egret technology, the world's leading provider of HTML5 industry solutions.
Also investors of the project were: GuoJin Capital, Shunwei, XiaoMi and SIG for round A financing; Matrix, Shenzhen Capital for round B financing.
In partnership with world-renowed companies: Microsoft, Google, Firefox, Adobe, Intel, ARM, Facebook.


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