Egretia - ICO review

Good afternoon friends! Today I’ll tell you about a very promising ICO project - Egretia.

Egretia is the world's first engine and blockchain platform with the introduction of HTML5, it will allow you to quickly and easily create games using the Egretia Lab toolset, and also add solutions for the development of the gaming industry.


First, let's understand what HTML5 is.
HTML5 is the result of the evolution of HTML. The first version of HTML5 was released in 2008, but only in 2011 its official release took place. With the advent of HTML5, along with new components and API, a successful replacement of Flash technologies began. In addition to tasks related to the design of web pages, HTML5 is also used to create graphics libraries that help create 2D and 3D games. Today the most popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE and others support HTML5. This has become a very important event in the field of web technologies.

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The main advantage of HTML5 is "device independence". The difference between programming languages and platforms is that many developers are forced to study them before creating products based on them. Therefore, HTML5 is a way out of this situation. HTML5 technology covers not only the sphere of games, but also such areas as advertising, video and other IT-industries. The cross-platform nature of the technology allows it to be used in different spheres, creating entirely new business models.
But despite the presence of a large number of significant advantages, HTML5 has some limitations:
• Lack of a single and secure payment platform.
• Lack of mechanisms for secure storage of user virtual assets.
• There are cases of fraud in the game process, and there is also no effective protection of intellectual property.
• Young and talented developers often can not enter the market, as they are forced to resort to expensive services of large providers, intermediaries, etc., without having a valuable reward.


Therefore, the authors of the project Egretia decided to create a platform that will solve all the existing problems in the gaming industry and help the development of the game industry as a whole.
The project is implemented by the Singapore company Egret Technologies and the team Egretia Blockchain Lab, whose main members work with such technological giants as Qualcomm, Adobe, Microsoft, etc. The project is also attended by competent experts in the field of blockchain-technology.
Egret Technologies for 4 years built the world's first full-fledged and complete HTML5 workflow, covering 14 technical products: Egret Engine, Egret Wing, Dragon Bones and Egret Runtime, etc. To date, Egret has already taken the lead in the areas of APP, marketing, animation, O2O and e-commerce.


The Egretia team:
Peter Huang is the founder of the project, serial entrepreneur, former technical manager of Adobe Flash. Has 18 years of experience in development and management in Internet applications and game projects.
Dirk Meyer is the co-founder, senior program manager, Digital Media BU PMO in Adobe, with more than 20 years of experience managing global projects; is a technology advocate and investor.
Yin Ma is an expert on tools, an entrepreneur, senior employee Qualcom, an engineer, has its own business focused on consulting software and solutions. Worked in Microsoft, Absoft, etc. He created fast Fortran compilers for Intel / AMD while working in Absoft as director of compiler development.
Ross Przybylski has over 15 years of software development experience and 10 years of experience in developing excellent games.
The project also has very experienced advisers, as well as major strategic partners, this indicates a high level of reliability of the project.
By combining a wide range of tools and blockchain technology on a single platform, Egretia will provide developers with a complete ecosystem for the full creation of high-quality gaming content.


Advantages of Egretia:

  • High performance (the use of the DPoS mechanism will support more than 2,000 transactions per second already on the test version of the platform, in the future this parameter will be increased in accordance with the needs of users).
  • The setting of parameters in real-time (Egretia will be able to change parameters of the system without bifurcation, by voting based on consensus).
  • A convenient and effective development package (using the blockchain interface layer and the tools of the Egret mechanism, developers can quickly create blockchain-based Dapps).
  • Built-in game development window and clever coding help.
  • Transfer of ownership of game items, assets and game character from the developer to the user (having unique ID for each user).
  • Implementing an affordable and secure micro-payment system for gaming trading (users will have access to a digital wallet that will serve as a safe platform for all HTML5-based blockchain applications).
  • Transfer of digital assets of the user from one game project to another.
  • Development of an effective economic game system.
  • Prevention of fraud.

The Egretia platform will use the Egreten token. It will be used by players for the safe and efficient trading of virtual goods in the gaming world (it will circulate in HTML5 projects). It will be the first digital coin in the world to be used in various gaming projects.
It should also be noted that Egretia Lab has already entered into a strategic partnership with the world-famous developer of sports games Gala Sports. Gala Sports will use Egretia blockchain technology for its games, which will increase the security of games and the popularity of Egreten tokens around the world.
Details of the ICO:
The authors of the project intend to sell EGT tokens in two stages, the exact date of which has not yet been determined.
• Total number of tokens - 10 billion;
• standard token - ERC-20;
• accepted currency - ETH;
• Course - 1 ETH = 120,000 EGT and 90,000 EGT (first and second stages, respectively);
• hard cap - 20,000 ETH and 15,000 ETH (first and second stages respectively).
Token distribution:
• development team - 22%;
• Sale - 53%;
• Ecosystem development - 10%;
• Reserve fund - 5%;
• Strategic partners and advisers - 10%.


Thus, both HTML5 and blockchain technologies are innovative and relevant, and in symbiosis with each other they will create a truly revolutionary and very profitable product. Users and developers around the world will appreciate the Egretia platform and its capabilities!
A more detailed description of the project you will find in Whitepaper:
and also on information resources:

As part of the ICO campaign, a bounty program is held, for more detailed conditions, see the link:
►My link Bitcointalk:;u=1245936
►My username Bitcointalk: uliss_and

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