Royal Jewelery Museum, Alexandria(Королевский музей ювелирных изделий, Александрия)

It is designed and implemented by Italian, French, Belgian and European architects and artists. It is one of the largest and most expensive Egyptian museums. It has an area of about 4185 square meters. It includes 924 antiques, , King Farouk, their wives, princes and princesses of the royal family, and its halls include many paintings, decorations and rare statues

Among the most outstanding archaeological and artistic artifacts in the museum, some of which can be seen on the site of King Farouk, the gold-plated diamond box of Muhammad Ali Pasha, the chess and the sword of his own, is made of steel in the shape of a snake head with 600 diamonds
The crown jewel of Princess Shweikar and the crown of the Queen is unique in gold and platinum and studded with 1506 pieces of diamonds with a platinum and gold earring studded after 136 pieces of diamonds. There is also a platinum blacksmith named Princess Fawzia Inlaid with pearl.
Three halls of King Farouk Jewelry have been allocated. The most prominent of these items are the machete, which has always been used in its movements. It is made of ebony and gold, a gold-colored enameled gold-plated chess tray and a gold tray with 110 pashas.

The museum is divided into ten halls containing jewelry belonging to members of the royal family since the reign of Mohammed Ali Pasha to King Farouk

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