EHO has Developed Smart Saddles for Horses


The horse industry may seem like an anachronism to those not involved with it, but it still plays a considerable role in today's economy – particularly in Europe and the United States. Nor does it fail to keep up with the times. Horse owners and riders understand the importance of having the best equipment and taking good care of their mounts. It is important not just for immediate performance, but also for the health of horses and riders alike.

Over the last few years there has been a growing demand within the industry for biomedical devices that could monitor the horses' vital signs and stats. There is also a great deal of interest in the use of smart textiles. EHO is a company that proposes to bring both of those innovations together to upgrade that quintessential piece of horse riding equipment, the saddle.

How will the EHO smart saddle pad work?

Smart textiles are fabrics embedded with electronics. EHO uses them to insert pressure sensors into the base layer of the saddle pad, underneath a comfortable and durable outer layer. The sensors collect data from the saddle, measuring the distribution of the rider's pressure on the horse's body, as well as other data.       

When the product is finished, this data will be uploaded in real time to a free mobile app, where it can be used to adjust the saddle fit or the rider's posture for an optimal performance with minimal pain or discomfort. There are plans for eventually adding subscription features to access big data options once a critical amount of information has been collected. The integration of machine learning algorithms and data servers would then able to provide users with advice.

The project will be financed using the sale of EHO tokens, which the company may also use to support future development. Although it will be possible to pay for the product and in-app purchases with fiat currencies, at least at first, the company also plans to make it possible to use tokens acquired during or after the crowdsale instead, with a possible discount.

How can EHO benefit you?

An improperly fitted saddle can cause any number of issues in a horse, from soreness and unwanted muscle contraction to behavioural problems. It can also lead to back pains in a rider. All of this inhibits optimum performance, as does inefficient posture. Industry professionals such as saddlers and equitation scientists can usually take important measurements with ease while a horse is still, but gathering pressure information in motion is altogether more difficult. Smart fabrics would resolve all of those problems, improving performance and allowing horse owners to avoid costly injuries. It would also make it easier for them to pick the right saddle for their animal.                        

People who buy the EHO token can expect it to go up in value based on the sheer size and dynamic growth of the horse industry, combined with the clearly articulated demand within it for a smart fabrics-based solution. The company means to continue supporting the EHO token for the foreseeable time by buying back or selling off tokens as needed.

What makes this project likely to succeed?

EHO was made by a team of scientists and entrepreneurs, all of which have notable experience in their respective fields. Their smart fabric design has already been patented and tested. The project received financial and other support from the reputable Riga Technical University (where its technology was first developed) and the Riga City Council. The team has done the necessary industry research, assessing its needs as well as the existing competition, and consulted with professionals to receive their feedback throughout development.

Although there are other systems on the market that use somewhat similar ideas, they are much more expensive and have a limited functionality, only being used for saddle fitting rather than measuring performance in action. The EHO smart saddle would thus be an industry first when it comes to data collection of pressure metrics while riding.

ICO details

The ICO started on May 1st and will continue until June 15th, 2018.                 


A new generation of horse gear

Horse tack has evolved over millennia, undergoing many changes. There is no reason why it should not continue to improve by incorporating cutting edge technologies. Smart textiles are a widely-accepted part of the future of horse riding, and connecting it to the Internet of Things through a free app would be of great help to owners and riders. The support for EHO's project within the industry reinforces this conclusion and suggests that the smart saddle pad will probably find sufficient demand to become a success. In this light, the company's speculations about further developing this technology with the support of its external token appear entirely plausible.










This review by Bonanza Kreep is all opinion and analysis, not investment advice. 

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