Elepig - cryptocurrency exchange

Elepig is a cryptocurrency exchange that makes investing in cryptocurrency easy and accessible to everyone. The team brings with it a deep experience in building a deep expertise in building secure defence and financial systems making your investments on the Elepig Platform trusted and safe.

A team of entrepreneurs is shaking up the world of cryptocurrencies by launching a simple trading platform – so everyone can get a piece of the action.

Elepig is designed to be a user-friendly platform that allows anyone to buy and sell digital coins with even a modest investment and limited knowledge.

Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency but there are nearly 2,000 of them and trading can bring huge returns.

In 2011 a single bitcoin was worth $1, but since then it has reached a value of $15,000 and now is worth around $10,000.

Crypto-trading can often be considered too complicated for the uninitiated to partake – a problem that Elepig aims to solve.

Digital doyens Carl Selby and Mark Williams, based in Bournemouth, Dorset, have simplified the subject in such a way that makes it accessible to all.
Elepig Exchange is aiming to built a trusted and simple exchange to benefit from the opportunities that alt coins can deliver, making the purchase of alt coins as easy and secure as online banking. Elepig wants to become the every person’s cryptocurrency exchange of choice.

Elepig is airdropping 50 EPG for joining and 50 EPG bonus when you refer 5 friends. ICO token price.

This will be followed by four agile sprints to incorporate iterative improvements, with a richer Beta release in October 2018. The Beta will be given a test-run by our community and any feedback incorporated ready for a Full production release in December 2018. In the meantime we are developing a usable prototype user interface for the Pre- ICO; this will be front-end only and will be designed to demonstrate the interface design and user workflows in an interactive engaging way.

Whilst it is true that there are over one hundred live Exchanges, many of them offer a terrible user experience. Elepig wants to be two things: Trusted and Simple. They will use a unique technology stack and our experience as Defence contractors to build in security from the ground up. They will make it as easy to use as any leading social network or cab-booking service. Elepig Tokens can be used as a form of payment for transaction fees, offering 50% savings, forever.


Multiple exchanges are already available in the cryptocurrency market. The market is still evolving allowing room for new offerings to build on the strength of existing tools and avoid their failings. The cryptocurrency market and exchanges in particular have not yet gone mainstream. They are still at the early stage.

Elepig has identified a gap in the market for a simple trusted exchange that allows non technical traders to invest in a range of alternative coins (alt coins).

There are several websites that make it easy to transfer traditional fiat currency such as USD into Bitcoin, Ethereum and lite coins. This is where the majority of the market users stop because of the transition to the more complex exchanges designed by the technical traders for the technical traders - is just too daunting.

Elepig fills this gap by providing a trusted simple means to benefit from the opportunity that alt coins can deliver, making the purchase of alt coins easy and secure as your online banking. Elepig will everyone's cryptocurrency exchange of choice.

Our platform is built with our customers' experience in mind. Simplicity will be the cornerstone of our platform development strategy to make it easy for our customers to trade - anytime, anywhere.

We have a team of defence experts with a combined 80+ years of industry experience. We will build a robust and secure system encompassing a unique 10-layer security approach. This is our edge and will give you the peace of mind in the trading of cryptocurrencies.

We will build an inclusive ecosystem around our exchange by involving our community in the development and design of the system. The exchange will be designed by you, for you and with you in mind.

We will have a fee structure that incentivises regular users. If you use the Elepig token for transactions you will receive 50% reduced.

Elepig is brought to you by superstars that have worked at the following world leading companies: JP Morgan, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Gemalto, RBC, General Dynamics, NATs, Pensions Regulator + many more


JAN 2018
Concept Creation.

APR 2018
Release Whitepaper.

June 2018
Pre ICO Sale.

August 2018
Release Alpha.

September 2018

October 2018
Release Beta.

December 2018
Full Release.

December 2018
Continual Improvement.

January 2019
Wallet Release.

February 2019
Payment Card Partnership.

March 2019
Academy Launches.


Carl Selby
Carl has many years experience providing digital consultancy within the financial and defence sectors, as well as starting and running a successful online business within the social care industry. His expertise is in security, stakeholder engagement, fintech and mobile applications.

Mark Williams
Mark has 20 years of digital transformation consultancy experience within the defence, security and intelligence and central government. His expertise is in marketing, UX, security and stakeholder engagement. Mark has successfully created several startups.

Anna Lumber
Anna is an experienced portfolio and programme manager within the defence and utilities sectors. Her expertise is in running multimillion pound Agile User Experience and Business Programmes to time, cost and quality. She has a degree in Politics and speaks fluent English and Russian.

Adam Gritz
Adam has been in the design and advertising industry now for over 20 years with hundreds of successful design and advertising campaigns. He has worked within multiple industries and with flair and imagination at the heart of his achievements.

Steve Apps
Head of Architecture
Steve has had more than 15 years experience providing secure data and solution architectures to the defence industry. He will be leading on making Elepig secure.


Elepig is bringing vast experience with knowledgeable team into the cryptocurrency market. With its easy and trusted platform, they intend dominating the market in no distant time with lots of other advantages.


LinkBtalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1595020
WalletETH: 0xF45f3AA818DEC4911f2f20DFBDe041E535E76c6c

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