The Elysian platform brings electronic commerce to new level

The platform for electronic commerce of Elysian creates trust between the enterprises and consumers.

     The Elysian project is a blockchain a startup which is ready for creation of new system of relationship between business and consumers in electronic commerce. A main objective of team of the project, increase in trust of participants by elimination of the most widespread shortcomings of this prospering branch is. By means of Elysian, the sphere of electronic commerce will be changed, and users will receive more confidence in safety, speed of delivery and more modern business model.

     The Elysian project quickly moves in the direction of creation of the decentralized platform of electronic commerce with innovative safety and the revolutionary user interface. The ecosystem based on a blockchain, will become the first platform for electronic commerce which uses a blockchain for safe storage of all data on clients, and for improvement of other characteristics she uses artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

    Electronic commerce for business (B2C) is a volume world market which by 2021 will be estimated in more than 4 trillion dollars. However the lack of reliable cyber security, first of all in the form of theft of personal data, still causes serious concerns in the industry. Moreover, enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies worldwide still wait for the platform for electronic commerce which will accept cryptocurrency in exchange for all the products and services.

    The Elysian platform will use an algorithm Proof of Authority which will allow to create more perfect level of safety for data storage. Constructed on a blockchain of Ethereum network, the Elysian system will be fed with tokens of ELYCOIN (ELY). And clients of Elysian will be able to use the platform for own business, providing the increased functionality level.

    That work was the most productive and useful. The team of the project has created own Elysian Pool in which developers and community of the project can communicate. This step strongly distinguishes the Elysian project from others a blockchain of projects, the openness of team is one of 4 most important criteria for project assessment.

    Quite recently, the Elysian team cooperated with perspective a blockchain the Lamden platform which helps developers to create the decentralized applications on a blockchain. Also, mutually advantageous partnership has been signed with the marketing project of integration a blockchain under the name Sether. It is possible to carry to partners of the project Havven and Applicature.

    The group of experts in electronic commerce and cryptocurrencies which is headed by the CEO of Leo Ameri working before in numerous shops of electronic commerce works on the Elysian project. Among consultants of Elysian there is Stuart Farmer, the CEO of Lamden and Logic Labs Ltd, the serial businessman Geoffrey McCabe, the consultant of Fintech Graham Doggart, the adviser for block chains Anders Larsson and many others.

    The long-term business model provided by Elysian will serve as gate in the future of electronic commerce with introduction of technological achievements which can even lead to hyperbolic growth.

    "People have to understand that the cryptocurrency is the future. The one who denies this fact isn't ready to it", – Leo Amery, the CEO and the founder of Elysian has told.

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