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"Hide ReSteems": TamperMonkey Script Toggles Feed & Profile ReSteems, now for GOLOS and STEEMIT!

One of the most frequent complaints I hear about the STEEMIT user interface (and I would expect, for GOLOS as well) is how come resteems can't be separated out (or toggled) from a user's own content. This can be especially frustrating when you're trying to catch up on a person's own posts, or even evaluating if you want to follow a person in the first place! We really don't need one more impediment in the already fragile process of acquiring new interest to your STEEMIT / GOLOS "presence".

After coming across the following post by @mrwang, "You Should Really Consider Posting On Golos Too", I commented back:

Nice guide @mrwang on how to get further along on golos. I had searched around golos, and didn't seem to find much English content at all, it's mostly all Russian or Ukrainian.

As a result, I did try converting one of my posts piece by piece with google translate. Pretty sure it was a pretty lame attempt didn't come out nearly as well as the original version though! lol

Perhaps I'll reconsider though, and opt to use the "en" tag you mentioned.

As such, this also further inspired me to update my recently released "Hide ReSteems" script to work with GOLOS as well, and make this my first English language post on GOLOS. I can only hope the community here will find it of value, despite the language difference of this post!

"Hide ReSteems" is a relatively simple script for TamperMonkey, a very popular userscript manager. It's also available for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera Next, and Firefox. It can easily be added to your TamperMonkey "Dashboard" as just another script to run, complete with source code as well so you can be quite certain there's no tamper "monkey business" going on! And now that I've updated the script to work with GOLOS as well, it even has a different set of Russian buttons for non-English users!

The Script

Once the script is installed, you will find a new "show resteems" / "hide resteems" button that will toggle the status of the resteems on the profile page you're looking it.


For those who are already familiar with TamperMonkey and want to try jumping right in, just "Create a new script" with TamperMonkey, and paste in the following code named "Hide ReSteems": Direct Link to the Script Code on GitHub

Note: I had included the script code here but upon trying to post, the steemit AND golos markdown editor kept saying "An image in this post did not save properly", so the new image links in the script appear to be tripping up the internal editor somehow! lol

Where's the "Button"?

After copy/pasting the script above into a new TamperMonkey script, you should be set to go! You'll know you're on the right track when the next STEEMIT or GOLOS profile page you visit looks like this:

before hiding...

AFTER hiding!

TamperMonkey VIDEO HowTo...

For those of you unfamiliar with TamperMonkey, this terrific 2 minute video overview should get you right up to speed:


You can also find the script code on

And on as well:

It's always possible I've missed something, so if you have any issues, or even just to share your experience with the "Hide ReSteems" script, please be sure to comment below!

As always, I appreciate your upvote, your follow and all your comments!

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