In a world where our votes hardly matter... refreshing to discover within Golos that they matter a lot. The crowd is not always the most sensible of beasts, especially when misinformed and frightened, however, when there is a more symmetric distribution of information, coupled with incentives that work for most people, the crowd can be intelligent, diverse, innovative, adaptable and critically, motivated.

Users of Golos have had a taste of what it is like to have direct access to the mechanism of power that is able to shape the 'golos' world around us. I think it's fair to say and quite widely accepted of late, that Golos's success is closely tied to our ability to give as equitable, widely distributed and meaningful access to this power as possible.

It doesn't take much of a leap to understand that the whole of human society could benefit from collaboration within such a powerful system for connecting participants, aligning incentives, motivating engagement and managing economic potential.

So we, the users of Golos today, are custodians of an incredibly powerful network. As early adopters, we are responsible for guiding Golos to maturity. Reassuringly, there exists an abundance of passion, skill, honor, generosity, motivation and knowledge within both the Steem and Golos community. Differences of opinion are not a problem for Golos because we have the mechanisms and the community to resolve them. We have the realistic prospect of billions of people able to guide and influence the direction of human activity and engagement on this planet. There is no other system, crypto technology or otherwise, that can make such a claim today.

Voting is everything. Vote with your money. Vote with Golos.

Happy Golosing

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