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Finally Got My STEEM and SBD Returned After 2 Weeks... Payza made the mistake but Changelly Made it Right.

For those of you that need to get up to speed, 2 weeks ago I tried out Payza's service using their STEEM and SBD deposit and I ended up waiting for my funds this whole time. When depositing alt-coins to Payza, they use @Changelly to convert the coins so the instructions were to deposit to the @Changelly address. Only Payza f*cked up on their end and didn't have a memo code.

You can read my previous post here:

I mentioned in that previous post that I have used Payza before with Bitcoin deposits and never had any issues so I figured they had everything working and knew what they were doing. So I sent the funds.

After emails back and forth for the past couple weeks, I get this email from them yesterday. I was shocked at what I read...

Email from Payza Oct. 23

Uhh WTF!?? Of course they didn't receive the funds...

They didn't include a memo in their instructions!!!

So they aren't going to do anything about it and acknowledge that the "deposit instructions are being displayed incorrectly".

After this, I was kind of pissed off since I haven't heard back from @Changelly for about 2 weeks so I sent one more email to them stating I was letting everyone on social media know what's going on, commented on their latest post on Steemit from yesterday, and jumped on Twitter to hit up both @Changelly and Payza about my funds.

Low and behold, a couple of hours after I took to social media, I get an email from @Changelly:

Sure enough, when I checked my account, I finally had received them.

After I confirmed this I deleted my comment on @Changelly's Twitter post and edited my comment on their latest Steemit post.

Despite losing 0.02 SBD to transaction fees but whatever that's nothing. I'm just glad the funds were returned.

This just took way too long to get resolved but I will give credit to @Changelly for making it right when they didn't make the mistake. It was Payza that didn't have the correct instructions and had a user like myself send the funds incorrectly.

Rant Over.

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