It is Not Only About Believing, It is Also About Having Vision

10 years ago, no one knew about Bitcoin or Blockchain except probably the ones that had the idea to develop the technology. Satoshi Nakamoto, whether it was an individual or a group of individuals, believed they could develop this system and had a vision of what it could do and where it could go.


One of the biggest visionaries of our generation many would say is Steve Jobs.

Introducing the original iPhone back on Jan. 9, 2007, Jobs revolutionized the tech industry with what we all come to know as the smartphone.

A little more than 10 years ago, Jobs believed he could create such a device and it would be something that everyone would want and use. He had gone beyond that and had the vision of how the smartphone ecosystem would work in the years to come with things like the app store and the different uses for a smartphone.

Another visionary individual would definitely include Elon Musk for what he did for privatized space travel with his company Space X and the automotive industry with Tesla electric vehicles. Like Jobs, Musk visioned years into the future on what and how the world could be like and innovated our societal structure.

There are so many visionaries to list down but these are a couple that excelled our world in the digital age.

Lack of Vision

Many of us in crypto have come across those that lack the vision and never really bothered to get into Bitcoin in the earlier days. I have come across this with many people around me. I have been trying to get my other half to invest in Bitcoin since 2014 and even some friends but they didn't understand and didn't see where this would go.

Then when I joined Steemit, I saw a similar vision as I did with Bitcoin when I first got into it. I have been trying to get my other half to blog on Steem and she just didn't think it was worth using the platform. Now that the price is up and she sees how much others and I are earning, she is looking into trying again. I even met her friend that was getting into Bitcoin a couple of weeks ago. He mentioned he wanted to invest more and I mentioned to him about Steem. He said:

"It seems too complicated. I'm a simple type of guy and Steem is not resonating with me."

Since when was it easy to make a lot of money aside from doing some illegal business? It is complicated to make a lot of money and continue to make a lot. Sure after you learn the ropes, it can become easier but there's always a learning curve to something new and innovative that can be capitalized on.

Now Steem may not be for everyone at the moment but in my vision, it will be just like when Facebook started. It wasn't for everyone but over the years, almost everyone and their dog had a Facebook account.

More Than Believing

Many of us believe in this platform but not everyone has the vision of what is possible in the future. Most of us in crypto is seeing the scalability issues that Bitcoin is having. Especially with the transaction time and fees. The developers of Steem/Golos already foreseen this and created the fastest blockchain that is sure to be around for years to come.

They are seeing what is happening with the internet and are setting up the foundation to overcome possible issues in the future such as censorship and the recent end to net neutrality. With the addition of Smart Media Tokens/UIA, this platform is going beyond just content publishing and building an ecosystem that can tap into almost any industry and have the ability to cater to them.

EOS is taking it one step further using the same Graphene technology to accentuate blockchain platforms such as Steem/Golos.


Even though things may be a bit complicated, don't let that stop you from seeing the bigger picture. Take the initiative to and the time to educate and challenge yourself to new and innovative things. If we knew what we knew now about Facebook when it was first started, most of us would have invested money and our time into it.

Blockchain is more than just making money, it is changing our world one day at a time and we are starting to see the different ways it can be applied to our daily lives in a beneficial way. Don't get left behind.

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