Roger Ver on Bloomberg TV and at Shape The Future Summit Along with John McAfee + Documentary

1 year from now the price is?

"At least double"

-Roger Ver

“Pandora’s box has been opened.”

-John McAfee

Shape The Future

On September 20th, the Shape The Future summit was held where Blockchain experts from worldwide were invited to give speeches and that included the presence of Roger Ver aka "Bitcoin Jesus", Founder of McAfee software company John McAfee, and many others.

McAfee apparently captured the sentiment of crypto enthusiasts at the summit. When he walked off the stage, there was a thunderous applause.

However, the spotlight seemed to be more on Ver. His speech revolved around Bitcoin Cash and the strength this chain being better at scaling compared to just Bitcoin. During his speech, an audience member shouted that Ver was wrong and the lightning network is the solution for slow transaction speeds and high fees. Ver responded by telling the audience member to not use Bitcoin Cash if he did not like it.

Apparently, during the roundtable discussion, Bitcoin Cash was compared to Dogecoin and was going to fail. Ver bets 1 million dollars the Bitcoin Cash will still be around in two years. No one appeared to accept the bet.

So far I only could find this video below from Youtube user Boxmining that was there at the summit and shared some small highlights. He even caught up with McAfee himself where he stresses to use a hardware wallet for your Bitcoin and "let no one else hold your wallet." He mentions services like Coinbase are going to be eventually hacked because "that's where the money is, and hackers will go where the money is."

The video also has the part of Ver's speech where an audience member was yelling about the lightning network.

At the end of the summit, a documentary was featured that is about the start of Bitcoin and China's Role in the industry.

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