[ICO][Bounty] ♬ Opus - Beta-Ready Decentralized Music Sharing platform ♬

Opus is fully decentralized music sharing platform based on Ethereum blockchain and IPFS swarm.

The main problem of music industry that Opus platforms aims to resolve is increase the revenue for music artists. So far all huge platforms take up to 80% of the revenue and if big and famous artists can accept it to smaller artists it might be a problem to make living with that money. Besides, fans often have to use several platforms to listen to all their favorite tracks because of the deals and fragmenting in music industry.

And most of all is sestrictions. For example Spotify and apple are not available in more than 120 counties due. Opus platforms seeks to resolve all these issues.

 Opus technology overview 

Opus platform will use four layers to will provide full decentralization and anti-censorship with minimum latency. 

  • Application layer
  • Logic layer 
  • Directory layer
  • Storage layer


ICO details:

More information you can find here.

Bounty campaign:

  • Signature campaign: 40%
  • Translation bounties: 10%
  • Twitter: 15%
  • Facebook: 10%
  • Community engagement (Reddit, Blogs, News): 15%
  • Miscellaneous: 10%  

More details you can find here.

Useful links:

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