Good going, Golos!

Maybe Golos can do better at customer service than stinc has been?

Is there a payout feed on golos?

We used to have a feed called cashout that would let us watch as posts hit their payout times.

I used this feed to shame the whales about their lack of concern for the little guys.

Now that feed is dead, thank you HF17.

Why did stinc decide to hide what is happening at payout?

Why is stinc soooo prone to doing things that make everybody else wonder about their motivations?

What motivation ends in denying transparency on the platform?

The current feed is and

The feeds don't give a chronology of what is getting paid out, it appears random to me.

So, what gives, Steemit inc?

Why are you hiding this info from normal users?

Have a perfectly peaceful day.

Keep working, stop paying.

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