The proper introduce myself on Golos! Hello, my name is @gaitan!

Hello, all!

You’ve probably seen my first article here, something I’ve created for Golos and Steemit at the same time. If you didn’t, you cand find it HERE.

But, of course, a proper introduction is necessary and also, my idea is to treat Golos and Steemit different. So here is a little something about myself. Enjoy!

My full name si Bogdan Andrei Gaitan, I’m 23 and I’m from Romania (a small country in Eastern Europe). I’ve heard about Bitcoin in 2014 but didn’t understood that much at the time. Last year I’ve heard about Steemit from a friend and signed up.

About my personal life, I’ve studied management, but didn’t really helped me follow my dreams. Usually, in my country, the faculty is not that relevant as professional experience, so I had to follow other paths.

One of the most important decision was to get myself involved in volunteering projects, so in 2013 I’ve joined AIESEC. This is an international NGO with about 100.000 members in 124 countries. The vision of the organisation is peace and fulfillment of humankind potential and leadership is the fundamental solution to our world problems. I know, it sounds big, but getting to the mondaine activities of the local comittee of the organisation, you get some nice hard and soft skills by working with other people, all around the world.

This is where I’ve started with fundraising and sales (the NGO has some social projects for wich we’ve done some fundraising, and also 3 main products, were I’ve exercised my sales skills).

Right here is the moment where I try to follow a career in sales and I convinced myself it’s something for me. In the organisation I’ve got to be the vice president of the External Relations department (been trough the usual steps, from a team member, to a team leader and then a VP)

In the meantine I was experiencing with team management, project management and operations. So after I’ve finished my one year long term, I had some time to think about myself.

I’ve decided to make a switch in my approach and take some distance from sales. Why? - you may ask. Because I don’t think it fits me anymore, because what I like is to work on products or services development more than selling it.

Right now I’m leading a team of 4 people organising a 2 day career accelerator in my city (Pitch Bootcamp). The plan is to get to the point where it becomes the bigger career accelerator in the country in the next 2 years. The main goal of the event is to prepare a group of people (work on their career canvas) and pitch in front of the top employers in the country.

When it comes to the more personal story of my life, my motto is to be the best you you can be. This means that everyone has a perfect image of themselves and as long as you are a good person, you will succeed. We should focus more on who we are and what is the best version of ourselves rather than trying to be like someone else.

In the future I plan to go forward with volunteering for a social impact, follow my dreams in creating something for other youngsters like myself and learn as much as I can along the way. Since last year I’ve discovered that I also like blogging and I’m striving to become a better writer. I don’t have as much time as I would like, but still, it better to evolve slowly than not doing it at all.

As a final thought, having the opportunity to get in contact and fulfill the meaning of talking with people all around the globe, is something we don’t use at it’s highest potential. I always tried to know people from different places and learn how they think and is their view on life and the others.

Thank you for reading! Maybe you know me a little better know. I already read the introduce yourself articles from the “en” tag, so I think I know you also a little better. I also promise to get back to you with some pictures!

I just found out that I already had an account on Golos, from the transfers at the beggingings of the platform, so this will be my main account

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