Fashion, Beauty, and Insecurity

While processing holds at the library the other day, I noticed one particular patron had requested several books with titles along the lines of "Beauty Secrets" and "Fabulous Makeup." This led me to ponder the women I have known and their insecurities about which I have been told.

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  • I am utterly convinced that women wear makeup to impress one another first, and impressing guys is a distant second consideration.
  • Whatever a woman might think the perfect bust and butt might be, she is certain that she doesn't have it.
  • Fashion design for women has no concern for utility. Instead, it's all about hugging her form or draping elegantly about it. Just look at pockets, for example. If you ladies are lucky enough to have any at all, they're probably uselessly small.

And if I am feeling particularly cynical (which I am at the moment) I would say this is all an unintentional self-perpetuating conspiracy to make women perpetually unhappy about themselves. That said, I can also understand the urge to conceal blemishes like acne, the desire to be in better shape, and even the conflict between fashion and function. A new year is upon us, so I would like to take a moment to say what I hope people will consider as they make their new year's resolutions:

  • If you do your part to eat healthy and make even a modest effort toward fitness, your body will be proportionate, and that is how it should be. You don't need a boob job.
  • A healthy diet should also help your complexion if there are really any issues, and you can use less makeup. You probably don't really need any in the first place, and it can't be good for your skin to smear goop all over it all the time.
  • Don't be a slave to fashion, and don't follow the trends. You know it will look silly in just a few years anyway.

So, any thoughts? Am I way off base? I certainly don't presume to speak on behalf of anyone but myself, so disagreement is welcome.

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