Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 Space Ork Raiders (part 9)

I think I can declare the Meganob project basically complete. The armor is finished to my liking. Aside from perhaps adding minor details like rivets, I'm about ready to paint!


More plasticard was carved, more bitz box parts were raided, and another zip tie was used for texture!


I'm quite happy with how the cybork nob gun arm modification turned out.


Alas, the camera flash washed out the details on the white plasticard here, but I got side panels shaped to fit, and used a lighter to heat a strip so it would bend into the shape I wanted to wrap under the arm and reinforce the armor on the side. Don't stick the plastic in the flame. Hold it a couple inches above the flame so the heat softens it. Remove from heat, bend to shape without burning your fingers, and let cool. Trim to size, and you're set!


And here's the complete set of 5 modified snap-fit Nobz! I got models I want at a fraction of the retail price and they look the way I want them to look rather than how GW mandates, so no one else will have models that look like this. Well, unless some of you decide this looks like a good idea. Have at it! Outdo my efforts while you're at it!

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