Making Jewelry: Steampunk Necklaces

Last month, I wrote about an earring project I was working on as a present for one of my sisters. I handed the wrapped package to her and she demanded to open it immediately. I relented, so now the part 2 that was going to be a second present will be her sole Christmas present. Oh, well. All I need to finish this is the clasp I ordered.


Like the earrings, this uses jump rings to connect the pendant and charms. I decided to let the pendant float along the chain instead of fastening it to a specific link. We will see how well it works out.

I also made another necklace using braided leather and bronze-finish findings. This was an experiment in using foldover clasps and braided leather cord. I did not use glue, and am relying on the design of the clasp. We will see how it works. It feels secure enough though.


Lessons definitely learned here: put effort into straightening out the cord before assembly. This was wrapped around a card for retail sale and had set in its shape a bit too much. Now you know what prep steps I should have considered. Don't repeat my minor mistake!

Is there any interest in buying any future jewelry I make for GOLOS or STEEM? If so, I can make duplicates of the earrings I showed in my earlier post, and I have some interesting findings for some one-off projects too.

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