More Steampunk Earrings

I wrote a post earlier about making earrings for my sister, and another post about a necklace I made for her. This all led to the idea of making more jewelry as Christmas gifts for co-workers and members of my Dungeons and Dragons group.

Miss M. the children's librarian will be getting the bronze tone key-and-cameo earrings in the photo below on the left, and the boss might receive the owl earrings on the bottom of the right photo. The gold earrings with the green crystals are as yet unassigned.

earrings key and cameo.jpg

earrings emeralds and owls.jpg

For the Dungeons and Dragons group, the ladies will all receive similar earrings. From top to bottom, I think they will go to S, C, and T. I also have some lapel pins in the works for the guys in the group, but that's another post...

These have sterling silver ear hooks, not just basic nickel-free alloy. Some members have allergic reactions to the wrong metals. I also chose the crystal findings because at least one of that trio seems to believe in mystical crystal properties.

Earrings Trio.jpg

Rounding out this post are some experiments. I made some silver (stainless steel, actually) earrings similar to the ones I gave my sister, but with different feather charms.

I also made some ostentatious golden earrings using some gears, jump rings, and earring hooks that share a bright yellow hue. I don't keep up on jewelry fashion trends. Is this "in" or not? I have no idea.

earrings key and feather.jpg
Want to buy these? Pay in Golos, Steem, or BTC! Make an offer in the comments!

earrings gold gears 1.jpg

earrings gold gears 2.jpg

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