The BipCot NoGov License

Do you want to repudiate the presumptive nature of copyright law? Is the Creative Commons license set insufficiently liberating from the bureaucracy of the State? Are you not a fan of the GNU GPL? Do you want to make fun of government officials and remind them that their services are an unwelcome intrusive monopoly rather than a beneficial blessing to society? The BipCot No-Government License is here to help!

Violation is not punished by fines, beatings, imprisonment, or murder. That's a government attitude, and it's so square that it makes a Rubik's Cube look like a flowing organic shape. Violators do, however, risk unending public mockery.


All content produced by this Golos account is covered by a BipCot NoGov license. Use and re-use of all content by anyone except governments or their agents is OK.

Attribution is polite, but not mandatory.

Author's note: previously posted on Steemit

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