The imposing Iguazú Falls Misiones Argentina


In the most southern country of the world Argentina, is the nominee, one of the seven wonders of the world, the Iguazu Falls. Patrimony of the Humanity since the year 1984.

And guazú its immemorial name, means in the Guaraní language Great Water (and means water and guazú means great)

In the sister province of Misiones, to the northwest of the Correntina Capital, in a paradisiac place, a wonderful Falls prevails. The imposing and majestic Iguazú Falls.

This marvel, unearthed from a book of fable, becomes a reality in my Argentine soil. Guided by elves, placed by elves on the way of the Spaniard Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, in 1542, he discovered the imposing Iguazu Falls and named them Salto de Santa María.

This enchanted place, inhabited only by Guarani Indians, witnessed the evangelizing evolution carried out by the Jesuits.

This wonder, is a part of my province, was and will always be Corrientes in my heart, in 1881 Missions is separated from Corrientes, remaining in it this magical place.

The Iguazu Falls, located within the Iguazú National Park, this reserve of impressive dimensions has 67 620 hectares of jungle missionary.

These waterfalls are formed by 275 Cascadas, 80% of them are in Argentine soil and 20% is in Brazilian territory. The highest waterfall has a height of 80 meters, is known as the throat of the devil.

A place very crowded by tourists, arriving from various parts of the world. Its people are very helpful, they are in all the details, to satisfy the needs of the outsiders, a comfortable proposal of rest, is the Sheraton Iguazú hotel, that is inside the National Park.

There are several proposals for walks, the circuit called the lower promenade, starts at the viewpoint, down the stone stairs, in the direction of the Iguazú River, in its passage you can enjoy the jungle, this visit includes the waterfall Lannuse, Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, Devil's Throat, San Martín Island.

Superior Walk: on this walk you will visit the waterfalls of two Sisters, the Bossetti, the Chico.

Throat of the Devil: in this circuit, you will arrive through the train of the place, until the devil's throat station, from there by wooden bridges it transits about 1100 meters until arriving at the balcony in front of the throat of the devil.

Isla San Martín: in this circuit you reach the island by boat, which leave the circuit below.

Sendero Macuco: this circuit is ideal for nature lovers, a 3600 m hike through the missionary jungle, a 20-meter-high waterfall, which is located within the thicket, on walks through the woods Be visited by the curious monkeys macucos, the cai, the monkey carayá.

This is a brief summary of what can be a visit to these majestic waterfalls, I do not want to bore you more with my stories, I present the images and draw their own conclusions.






This magical place, embedded in the missionary lands, will enchant your existence, to the point of no return to your homeland, if you visit this place come knowing that it is going to dazzle.


José Luis
Corrientes Argentina

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