My Introduction post ...A new Hope for Humanity

Hello to all! I have officially joined and am here to introduce myself to the community. I have to admit that I had some trepidation when I was first told the concept, the reasons are as follows. I'm the type of person who plays "devil's advocate" when I'm told new ideas or concepts. I am far from what you call knowledgeable when dealing with computers. Fortunately I've made friends who have the patience to break it down for me in "baby terms".

I originally joined Steemit and saw a post about

Below is what I originally wrote about Steemit on December 16th 2016 but you can easily substitute the word "Golos" :-)

The more research that I do....the more I am amazed by what I find. Steemit provides many positive avenues for anyone on the planet. This is produced by good content from the individual and with monetary rewards. I plan on putting great quality content as well as amusing stories on Steemit. I never thought I would become a blogger but I've met certain individuals throughout my travels who do some amazing things and I plan on sharing not only their stories but to share the wealth and knowledge that I obtain through Steemit.

In closing I would be remiss if I didn't thank the individual who enlightened me to Steemit. (drum roll)

@luzcypher! Remember kids when in to @luzcypher....he's always looking for new acolytes....err I mean followers. I actually know him personally and watched as he joined on August, 31 2016. To be honest I am not the type of person that paves the way for people...I watch...then let the individual pave the way for me. Sure enough @luzcypher is becoming a success. He's gone from a minnow to a dolphin in just a few short months. If @luzcypher can be a positive influence on the internet...So can I!!!!! I am grateful to the founders for inventing a platform that will allow me to be successful and help others to do so as well.

This is a photograph of myself in 2005.

543890_10151869881499439_1164267428_n (1).jpg

I unfortunately do not speak russian only english and spanish. All of my future posts and replies will be in english. Hopefully I can be a positive influence in the community.

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