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Mission Statement

Alt coin prices are falling.. some might say, returning to normal. I visit discord, and telegram looking for new ideas and only find users bickering about prices, pointing fingers and calling bullshit. Seems like everyone forgot about or gave up on Content Creators. As a content creator, I feel it is necessary to use my original content as leverage and influence the community to consider alternative solutions, ideas or projects while further establishing my legacy in the crypto realms. This is also in response to and support of @TeamSteem and his post I'm Now A Full Time Steemian. Check out his post, upvote and leave some creative comments and feedback for him as well.

Produced, Proposed and Responsible For...

I know, some people will try and take credit for most of what I claim. Be my guest.. I stand by these claims and my body of work, speaks for itself.

Introduction Post - 1st steemit post, ever

$1,126.92 - On this day.. Steem price experienced a huge spike in price. Not taking credit.. but I would like to point out the "coincidence."

A Voice for Mental Health awareness

Started a series of videos and written post documenting personal struggles with bipolar, PTSD, ADD, severe anxiety disorders.

Started A Steemit Exclusive - Vape Vlog

Created the first "official" vape blog and pushed out 3 episodes as a test run.. look forward to resuming production of more funny vlogs and adventure on steemit.

Brought Hollywood to Steemit

After wrapping up Season 1 of "Queen of the South" and a webseries.. I found steemit and started posting my own creations while promoting other projects I was working on at the time. Steemit became an exclusive promotional playground for the production, Lone Stars Entertainment.. the production company I do marketing and graphic design work for.

Produced and Premiered A Web Series On Steemit - Highland Park

A five episode series set in a hipster neighborhood in Los Angerles California produced by Lone Stars Entertainment. The series was co-funded by me and crypto investors. As one of the series producers.. I made arrangements to cast @fyrstikken in the episode Larry Wants His Keys.

Coined the term "Steemit Civil War"

As of late many civil wars are now actively going on within steemit. The struggle for power continues as other users try to secure a better position for monetary rewards. I'll just quote the Die Hard franchise.. "It's always about the money"

Stood Up For The Minnows

When everybody wanted to claim victim to flagging from whales and communities of negative thinking users.. I stood up when nobody else wanted to.

Responsible for The Steemit Purge Parody

Created the parody using the "Whale Experiment" as a source for detailing some crazy times on steemit in regards to upvoting, flagging and whale intervention.

Started A Fan Coin On Bitshares

Created the wangchange token to help fund and promote projects I supported or am affiliated with on Steemit.

Brought a production team, studio and talent to Steemit

Because of my success on steemit.. I now have a full studio, photographer, hosts, comedian, filmmaker, music artist, models, actors/actresses and a makeup artist to use for steemit video productions.

Boldly Go Where No Steemian Has Gone Before

While most of the community is worried about reputation, embarrassment, loss of whale support and backing... I've continued to experiment with ideas and content to either challenge myself or challenge the community into thinking "Outside the Box" or at least, risk it all with a questionable and very edgy style.. like this video below

Today marks my one year anniversary on Steemit.. despite tons of criticism and at one point, a comparison to those Steem Power Twins

I've managed to put together a pretty impressive resume/portfolio that represents my body of work and proves why I'm such a huge success on Steemit. In all reality, this is only a teaser of my Steemit contributions and doesn't even account for my contributions on Bitshares, Discord, Golos and Viva.

This also challenges anything negative you have to say about me or against me on Steemit. Anybody can make up ridiculous stories and accusations about any steemian they want to. If you keep posting on Steemit, you will overcome these negative influences and find an even greater reward after. Don't let anybody convince you that your material and creations aren't worth a dam because somewhere down the line, those creations will inspire someone. Hope you enjoyed this post and appreciate any creative comments and feedback in the comments section below.

Oo.. one more thing to add to my resume.. is in fact, THIS RESUME

Till Next Time... Adios Amigos

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