No Kids. No Cry - A Babymama Drama

No Kids.No Cry - Episode 1

NO KIDS. NO CRY is a hilarious webseries about child support through the eyes of three single men.

This web series was created by my good friend, Jeremiah Ocañas who is also the founder of Lone Stars Entertainment

The web series released 2 episodes, I have the 1st episode above but they never finished production due to creative differences. He has occasionally expressed his interest in rebooting the series. He's even offered to hand over the project to me and assume creative control of the production. This series is about 3 dads in L.A. dealing with their ever so stressful "babymamas". Being in a similar situation, I can relate to most of the problems these guys deal with in the show... and to have such an opportunity to reboot this series is freaking awesome.

Maybe you guys can help...

If we can show Jeremiah how much support I have from everybody in Steemit/Golos and Bitshares.. He will hand over the reigns and allow me to reboot the series.

This is a call to all you "Big guys" (Whales)

We can get this web series produced with a very small budget. This is where my WANGCHANGE token could become useful but that's just one idea that comes to mind... If I sell enough tokens, I will make this one of my first web series projects to produce as @MrWang. Consider the fact that this webseries won't only air on steemit/golos or the web for that matter.. It can be taken to film festivals and more to gain more exposure for not only the production but steemit/golos as well. However it may be, I'm open to suggestion.. I want to reboot this series and looking for anyone willing to help me get it done.

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WANGCHANGE Token Official (UIA) Announcement & New Gameplan


We Need You To Come To Discord And Voice Your Opinions

PS... For the absolute best experience.. download the app for your desktop or mobile

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