Shinedown attention attention the new disc 2018 review

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Shinedown is one of the most popular Hard Rock bands of the decade. It is one of the main bands of both Hard Rock and Alternative Rock, one of the main US bands to promote this American style to the world.

Today we will talk about his new album Attention Attention on this album we will find super hard Hard Rock songs and some slightly softer songs from Alternative Rock. They remain very true to their style, Brent Smith seems that the years will not go by, his voice remains as fresh as on his first album, dominant and very melodic.
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Brent Smith
Zach Myers
Eric Bass
Barry Kerch

In Jacksonville Florida Brent Smith founded Shinedown in 2001 with more than 12 million albums sold worldwide Shinedown is one of the main American Hard Rock bands of the moment and with this album they remain more than current
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the star song that opens this Album Devil has a lot of power an injection of energy in small doses with an interesting theme about how the demons can affect you and as if you do not confront them then they will come for you for true and funny chilling revenge regarding the lyrics and musically with a lot of excellent intro power.

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The Human Radio

The Human Radio. Social criticism to the current dependence on the phone applications and technological devices in general, the electronic arrangements and voice synthesizers are perfectly listened to for the vocalist, this song reminded me a lot of Imagine Dragons at certain moments especially in the choirs and at the end of the song quite epic and the actress protagonist of the video the paper is perfect. A Hard Rock of the new era was quite memorable

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Creatures. It's another song that I loved very much is the most different the album the refrains of the guitar and the keyboard they incorporate make a splendid combination Creatures talks about people who are independent who do not know where they come from or have to answer to anyone for their acts to anyone and that makes them so interesting, to be basically independent. Particularly I feel that way thanks to steemit I could do it independently and not answer to anyone because of this song so much in my head.

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Get Up

Get Up is that song that makes you really listen when you go through hard times and you need a little push to keep going, more than hard rock I would say it's more alternative Rock using electric and acoustic guitars a smooth and calm rhythm that upsets your spirits to the maximum, depending on your mood can even make you cry very cute this song

This album was given a great coverage when it comes to actually producing on your Youtube official channel they have a small documentary of the production of the album where they show the studio where they recorded the album that is in the house of one of the members of the band. They show the whole team behind the development of the album and the entire artistic process to create song by song, these projects and fresh ideas are always appreciated lasts about 15 minutes really worth seeing it.

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