Auction Find ~ 1930's Exercycle Executive Motorised Stationary Exercise Bicycle ~ Awesome, see it in action!!!


One look at all that chrome and it was luuurve at first sight! This is what my husband exclaimed when he hauled this chunk of metal upstairs. "Haul" is the right word, it is HEAVY! And I agree is is absolutely beautiful. He had no idea if it was working or not when he bought it, as the wires had been cut. Fortunately it only required a little TLC, and it is in fantastic, working condition! 


 A work in progress, the clean-up and light restoration begins, with our little doggy overseeing the task! 




 All cleaned up and ready to....GO! 

 I grabbed my lovely daughter... as she just came home after a long night out. She was not charmed to have to be in the video, but these are the risks of living in my household! (All bad language was edited out!)

Watch it move!!!

I think my husband paid quite a lot for it, R1800 ($135) and we are planning to sell it for R3500 ($263). Transport would have to be arranged as it weighs a ton! I must admit I won't mind too much if we don't sell this one, it is actually remarkably effective, and I could feel it would provide an especially good core workout.

Thank you for reading! @onetree

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