Auction Finds ~ Africa, Gospel, Child's Play, Stone Sculptures and Family Crests

The year is still young, but I have just sold one of my most interesting finds this year, which is an very old Ndebele apron. When my husband found it in one of his boxes, I asked Louis, my museum curator friend to identify it for me. He wasn't sure about it, as the black culture in our province is predominantly Zulu. (There are nine major tribal groups in South Africa.)

Louis phoned a(nother!) friend, and it was confirmed the apron is of Ndebele origin. The material is canvas, and not leather, as it appears in the photo. These aprons are usually very bright and vibrant, but age has stripped that away. The aprons are worn by married women, and the designs on them often reflect the designs they paint on their homes. The aprons (and all other beadwork, which is worn by men and children too, adds gravity and a sense of ritual to ceremonies.) Due to the condition of this apron I sold it for R350 ($29), but attractive specimens can sell for around R1500 ($125).

These beautiful soapstone sculptures are also commonly made in Africa.

This set of 78rpm records came from the Mr Texas movie released in 1951, which Billy Graham declared to be the first Christian Western. Below it is sampled in YouTube.

The title of the book above translates to The Big Afrikaans Family Name Book. It contains numerous common, and some not so common, Afrikaans family name crests. I think this must be the third copy of this book I have found. It is listed for R350 ($29.

I'm ending of with this set of wooden children's stamps, from a time when children played with physical, rather than electronic objects! 

I have to say that moving my online items to the new shop has been amazing. Most Newcastle people won't pay for collectibles, that's why I started selling online, but some will. I have allowed trusted customers free reign of my online items room and I have increased my sales dramatically!


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