Auction Finds - African Ceremonies (A Two Volume Box Set) ~ Page Through With Me...

I've sampled the box set I listed on my online auction site today by Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher, published in 1999. I was blown away by the absolutely amazing  pictures and the raw energy of Africa they so accurately captured.

The year has officially begun! With my brand new online storage and photography room in my new shop! I cannot even fully describe the awesomeness of having it together with my retail business. And I am now able to allow selected customers to browse through the physical items they previously only saw online. I must say, the substantial change in a routine I have held for 5 years has made me feel kind of displaced, but it is definitely a change for the better, and I just need to become accustomed to it.

These books, as well as being fascinating, could also be used in a very reasonable gym workout, as they weigh about 4kg each!!! Africa is a continent ruled by cultural values and history and well, rules of conduct for every life event. Sometimes these rules weigh heavily on those forced to abide by them. I have heard the exasperation from my staff! But they are always followed.


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