Auction Finds - Gorgeous Vintage Jewelry

I've been listing pretty vintage jewelry while Black Friday in South Africa is rapidly been rained out! It is a pity, as I was catching the tail end of the shoppers and their money. This lovely jewelry definitely has lifted my spirits.

A Mizpah brooch is the symbol of the hope of separated sweethearts that they may one day safely reunite again. This one is 9CT gold and I listed it for R650 ($46). 

These two brooches have been made from real butterfly wings, which I honestly find disturbing. Apparently they are quite collectible and I listed them for R250 ($18) each. 

Rather frustratingly, after much squinting through a magnifying glass, I still can't figure out if these two brooches are gold or not. I will have to take them to my jeweler friend on Monday to have them checked out before I list them. 

At last something for the men, this is a vintage gold plated pocket watch chain. 

Above is a selection of very inexpensive vintage costume jewelry, but lovely nevertheless. 

Another 9CT brooch. 

And this has to be my favourite piece!!! These spiders are very cute!


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