Auction Finds ~ Greyhound Door Knocker To An Obscure Golf Club

I sell anything and everything! In this Auction Finds post you will find an example of the often bizarre assortment of the type of items that cross my path daily!!!

Both these door knockers are brass. A collector of, you guessed it, door knockers quickly snapped them up!

This is an emergency breathing apparatus issued to miners. I'm not sure if it is vintage or not, it looks old. Poor miners, I presume they already have a lot to carry, and this apparatus is pretty heavy itself.

This 1957 fishing diary is unused. I think it will make a fantastic gift for an avid angler. There is also a 1936 promotional diary.

I don't only sell antiques and collectibles. Sometimes I get odd items like these bicycle rims which might need a more specific buyer than we have at the shop.

Continuing the sporting theme are these old wood and metal discus.

This beautiful hickory/all wood charger putter with a brass base is proving problematic. Usually wood, or hickory shaft golf clubs are quite valuable, and can achieve really good prices. This one, however was made by an obscure company, Bronty, which I could find only minimal information on. Literally a couple of lines. I did find another of these clubs for sale, for almost double my listing price, but I could not see by the listing if it actually sold. Almost half the job of an online seller is research, and it is this research which often sells the item. I have it listed for R950  ($79), and it is one of those items I have resigned myself to the fact it will be with me for a while! 


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