Auction Finds (I think) ~ There's a rat in my....bathroom.... (Can someone identify?) ~ My cats are useless!!! Video proof! UB40 bonus

Yesterday evening my husband and I were discussing which little island we might buy (when our ship comes in...kill me now) and I was relaxing on my bed smelling the gentle sweet scent of jasmine wafting on the gentle breeze through the open window. Just as I was telling him I wanted jasmine planted all over my island, a movement caught my eye...

To my horror a rat strolled past the side of my bed, and then disappeared under it. I'm not joking when I said strolled, as this must be the most casual rat ever! Of course I had no wish to sleep with a rat under my bed, so much shifting of furniture and shining of cellphone torches occurred. Cellphones really are useful!!! Just as the carpet was starting to give me an allergic skin reaction, the rat visitor scurried into my bathroom, and we promptly shut the door.

(so much poop,ugh) 

Before I continue with my rat saga, I want to ask if anyone can tell me if it is an ordinary brown sewer rat (Norway Rat, see I googled) or is it a field rat. It's tail seemed a little short to me, for it to be a brown rat, but it looked like one. If it is a field rat, it makes sense as our property is bordered by farmland, and an overgrown plot next door. But it could also be a brown rat, as we sometimes pick up these things in our auction boxes, which we bring home. On one rather infamous occasion my husband attended a farm auction, where all the goods had been stored long term  in a barn, and soon after he returned, I spied rats the size of dogs scurrying up and down into and out of my roof. (Black rats, see, google again!) 

My cats have brought us enough presents for me to decide they could deal with my little problem. I left two of them in the bathroom with the rat and went to read my novel. At about 11:30pm, before going to sleep, I decided to see if any progress was made on my problem. The videos speak for themselves. I was too tired to decide what to to do so I left the rat in the bath. After taking videos of it and and photographing it (it was strangely calm and obliging) I couldn't kill it. This morning when I got up, it had made it's escape, even though the bath sides were so high and slippery I thought it wouldn't. 

I have concluded this incident is an excellent excuse to get another cat! My half blind feral rescue cat tragically died earlier this year, so I am on the lookout for another feral rescue cat. While I contemplate a cute kitten, please enjoy this rather apt UB40 tune!

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