Auction Finds ~ In The Home

In this post we will travel just a little way our mother's or grandmother's homes and see what we can find! 

Unfortunately this gorgeous electric cake mixer is missing its bowl, which affects its value. But it is still in perfect working condition, and very powerful. I have it listed for auction sale online for R220 ($15). If it doesn't sell I'll probably keep it as my daughter bakes a lot. 

Above are a few kitchen utensils. First a sweet maker, then a rolling pin that must be filled with water, an old butter paddle (I could still smell the butter on it!) and lastly an outdoor sandwich toaster we call a jaffle maker in South Africa. Jaffles are a very popular outdoor food in South Africa, served at most church bazaars and fairs. We also use it on the braai (barbecue). The most common sandwich filling is mince (ground beef). Vintage jaffle makers are in great demand due to their vastly superior quality. Are these toasters popular in other countries? 

Another beautiful example of the quality of yesteryear! 

An old aluminum cooler, still in beautiful condition, but I must say it is quite heavy! Most of these items are the bread & butter of online sellers. I'm not so sure how quickly the cooler will sell because of the postage costs associated with its weight.


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