Auction Finds - Most Incongruent Lot Ever! Snake Bite Serum, SA Politics and Vintage Computing

Today's lot is the type that shivers my fingers. I tried to find a better way to describe it but gave up in my eagerness to present this lot! Oh, and that refers to the feeling I get when I hold actual (expired, hahaha) snake venom, a photo signed by a staunch apartheid supporter, previous South African president, and an odd vintage 1980's computer...which has possibly seen some fevered programming which led to...all of this!!! 

This tin dates from the 1970's so the contents should definitely not be used! South Africa is the home to many deadly venomous snakes, so something like this would have been an excellent idea for farmers, who perhaps weren't near to medical facilities. At my home alone, we have found numerous puffer adders. If we find them, we carefully release them back to the surrounding farmland. If the staff find them, they kill them and sell the dead snake to the "witchdoctor". I actually found a couple of these kits online while researching the value, and I listed it for a starting price of R300. ($17).

 A very sun faded photo of former South African Prime Minister Balthazar Johannes Vorster (1966-1979) and his wife, and signed by both. Does it have value? I don't have a clue. I simply listed it for R55 ($4) as I don't want to sit with it. BJ Vorster was part of a history I am not proud of. And I touched where his fingers touched!!! mmmm 

Changing tack completely this vintage computer is quite a rare model and was not suitable for beginners as it had to be programmed in basic. I have never seen one before. I listed it for R1800 ($139) and it has a "user watching" so hopefully it will sell quickly.

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Bonus photos of the Cape Cobra (above) and Puff adder (below) 


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