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Sundays are often a good time for online sellers, as people have a little of that oh so precious commodity, time, on their hands. I sell my goods on an online South African auction site, as that is the most practical option for me, but international buyers are always welcome. Postage on small items is quite reasonable. Window shoppers are invited to browse a few of my (fairly) recent listings.

This contraption was used to make steamed puddings, and is dated to around 1890, which is referred to as the late Victorian period. Due to it's condition, with obvious cracks and repairs, I have it listed for R150 ($12).

Jurgens Caravans originated in Holland in 1938, but became widely popular in South Africa from the 1950's onwards. Branded crockery was commonly used on those caravans, so the brand became synonymous with a certain era, and lifestyle. Jurgens crockery is a fantastic seller these days as people seek to either complete their vintage caravan project, or more simply, to relive childhood memories.

This sweet little alarm clock is from the very prolific Blessing Company, who originated from West Germany. Anything stamped West Germany is easy to date as it had to come from the time period between 1949-1990.

This Old Spice glass shaving mug was made between 1964-1978. Fortunately collector's sites proliferate on the internet, and a quick search quickly reveals how to date your find.

This Burleighware Imperial shape Art Deco tea set probably dates to the 1930's. Honestly, tea sets are one of my least favourite items to list. I am just not a fan of porcelain and ornaments. Still I don't always get to choose what gets found on auction, and what I have to re-sell. I can tell you packing a set like this to post is a nightmare and would take at least half a day! Luckily I have Lucky, my favourite staff member to do that for me!


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