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As the title suggests, all these little items are pretty small. They are not miniature, but all comfortably fit into the cheapest shipping option. Size doesn't make difference in how fascinating they are though!

This is a vintage baggage scale. (As it says!) It's sometimes difficult to imagine an era without our pervasive electronics, but really, it wasn't that long ago.

Promotional advertising memorabilia. Mobilgas pocket knife and a Gunston keyring. This reminds me of when I visited our newish courier company last week. (I have an online business but I loathe actually posting, so usually I try to get someone, anyone to do it for me. And...a digression on a digression...moving on. ) I asked them how business was going. I was curious as they have rented in my opinion, unnecessarily expensive premises. I was told that things were going good. Then I was proudly showed a wooden keyring with with their company name. It was pretty hideous. They were apparently going to give it to customers who created an account with them.  

Neatly continuing with the smoking theme (yes, the 2 item theme!) are vintage school crest cigarette cards. 

This 50 year calendar was also a promotional gift from a bank. It is excellent quality, so it was obviously given to the high(ish?) rollers. I'm not one, so I don't know what level you need to be.

Above are actually Christmas greeting cards with a disposable 45rpm playable record inside, in Afrikaans.

These rather lovely carved incense holders seem to carved by some kind of nut. I really like them, and although I barely keep anything that crosses my path, if these don't sell quickly, I may just keep them!


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