Good friends stop you from adopting half blind baby goats.

I discovered a treasure over the last year or so. A friend.

We all have friends, although I tend to keep my social interactions at the shop, as basically I'm pretty anti-social. There are a handful of people who I really appreciate seeing regularly and I consider them friends. Somehow in over 20+ years in business, I have found that one person (other than my husband and kids, of course) that I can connect with.

Truth. Warts and all.

Like today. One of my customers stopped outside the shop and I hear baaaing. I looked outside and saw a rather straggling example of a goat on the man's bakkie (pick-up truck). Firstly I asked my staff who made someone pregnant? In South Africa in certain cultures that costs a goat or two. It turns out that the goat was sick and had just come from the vet. One of my staff members called me outside, knowing my fondness of baby animals.

I saw it and it was CUTE. And half blind. And filthy. And had to be bottle fed as it's sick mother could not feed him. Does this remind anybody of anything...?! Of course I picked him up, I wasn't wearing white or anything. He snuggled against my chest and looked up at me with his one good eye. I wanted to take him and run. My friend said NO!

As much as I tried to discuss my newfound infatuation, she ignored me. I knew what she was doing. Eventually I suppose the surge of motherly hormones receded back into their proper place. There would be no goat. He was gone. She offered to by me a burger.

I love my friend. (But the goat would have been nice too.)

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Thanks Pixabay for all these cute goat photos...mine, that was not to be, was most certainly not!)

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