If you don't like cute kittens in action photos, this post is not for you!

Smokey and Peaches have settled into our home and are both growing rapidly. This morning I took a few photos of them wrestling (on top of me!) in the morning sun before I went to work. Both kittens are very gentle and I have had only one or two accidental scratches since we adopted them. 

Peaches is, well, the peach coloured kitten, and Smokey....you get the picture. Peaches is male and has a huge attitude. He already thinks he rules the roost, but he is also very adorable. He belongs to my daughter, so she is kept awake by his antics at night.

Smokey is my baby. She is not really a kitten anymore, but a young cat. She is a gentle soul and has become very attached to me. She doesn't wake me up by playing in the night, but by kissing me all over my face. It sounds sweet, and is, but a kitty tongue in your nostril is not always very welcome. She often sleeps on top of my face!!! I have put her sandbox in the bathroom, and she likes to go to the toilet when we do!


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