My daughter wants to move out!!!

It all started with a little drama last night. My two boys refused to sleep in their room as there was a scary spider. With much irritation, I tore myself away from my book and went to take a look. 

It was HUGE. I am used to big spiders as we get a lot of rain spiders who come into the house when a cold front is approaching (which it is). This one was bigger than I have ever seen. I allowed the boys to sleep in my room and the next morning it was still in the same place. I took a few photos to get it identified. It IS a rain spider, but a very pregnant female, hence the fat body. The body alone measured about 10cm long. 

Rain spiders are totally harmless, but my daughter is still spending tonight at her boyfriend's place! I think she might stay living with us a while longer though. I dread going to work when I see such an awesome specimen of a creature as I am scared the staff will kill it. In my opinion mosquitoes are much worse than spiders!


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