My daughter was featured in our local paper today....and other stuff!

These last couple of weeks have been a bit upside down, after we had to suddenly move out of our shop instead of having a month's notice as expected. At the same time my daughter's yoga classes are really starting to to take off. 

The new shop is just about ready and hopefully we can open on Monday. My husband usually fetches and carries the kids, and I have to say I take my hat off to him, as I have been mostly at home this week and have had to do the taxi thing. I prefer dad's taxi to mom's taxi any day!!!

My daughter, @yogidream.scapes phone has been ringing off the hook ever since the paper came out. She was very kindly given a space to teach yoga at our local museum free of charge, but space is very limited. It can only accommodate 7 students at a time. After only a month of holding classes, her waiting list is longer then the current student list. She has gone to a local school which is just down the road from us to inquire about larger premises, so we are holding thumbs for that.

 The museum, which was an old military fort, is beautiful and tranquil, but a little out of the way. It is also full of ghosts!!! I feel we are becoming less welcome every day that passes.  

The timing of my daughter beginning her yoga classes couldn't have been better. Yoga helps so much with my stress levels, and these last couple of months have been really stressful. Meeting all the new people is also a welcome distraction. (Sometimes!)

The gnawing pain from the the loss of my cat Snuffles is easing a bit, and my daughter offered a fantastic suggestion. Our new shop has an alley behind it, and I will put out fresh, clean water for the feral cats. If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to let me know! If I happened upon another sick, feeble kitten...well I think everybody knows what I will do.


Hopefully all this yoga (4/5 classes a week, and now my daughter is adding a Friday class for some of those on the waiting list), and running around all over town after kids and paperwork will result in some weight loss! I had to pause this article for about 6 hours (good yoga again, and cooking) before finishing off. Steemit has helped me a lot over the last couple of weeks. I am so grateful for the extra income. I would love to have no shop at all and work completely online, including blogging and my online sales. Seeing so much of my kids has been great, except for the driving part!!!

Thank you for reading! Please follow me @onetree 

I have to run off again soon. During this chaotic period my sons both decided to start playing hockey and now they are attending matches at schools all over town. Oh the joy. I am so not a hockey mom! My daughter's fiance, @thatguyjono  just obtained his driver's licence, so that was more good news. He lives with us and I see a great future as a driver for him. I saw it in my crystal ball, so you have to know it's true! 

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