My worst moment in the classroom (plus original high school photos!)

Oh my word!!! When I saw this assignment I immediately knew I had to post my story, I didn't even have to think of my worst moment! I have had a flair for the dramatic my whole life. For long periods of time I drift along in blissful anonymity, living my unassuming life, but when something eventually happens, it is dramatic enough to have reverberations for years to come! This story is an experience I had as a student.

The actual school, I'm on the left.

I have always been a quiet student. Definitely a nerd (a badge I wear now with some pride), a late bloomer. I was in  my first year of high school, Grade 8 and I still did not wear a bra (embarrassing when we had to go for a health check) and I did not yet shave my legs (I wasn't allowed to.) I was young for my age, a child, which I am now glad about, as it extended my years of innocence. Fortunately I had friends, who were all as quiet and unassuming as me, and we lived in our own little high school world. 

Strangely (I am presuming you might find this strange) my incident was not so embarrassing for me. I found awkward encounters with boys way more embarrassing! It was however without a doubt my worst moment in a classroom.

I can't remember what subject it was when it happened, maybe History? I was rocking back on my chair, a habit I had had since primary school. Yes, you are correct, I rocked back too far and I tipped over. This in itself could count as one's most embarrassing moment. Imagine a head knocked hard on the floor and underwear displayed for the entire class to see. For the boys to see. God, I only thought about this now, was I wearing reasonable underwear, not a pair who had seen the wash/rinse cycle a year past it's expiry date?! Yes, this could definitely count as a worst moment in the classroom.

But remember, I said earlier I had a flair for the dramatic! In that particular classroom, we had desks which could be folded closed, like ironing boards. As I floated backwards in infinite slow motion, I grabbed at the desk behind me in vain the hope of  halting my inevitable crash. I caught the metal table legs and they....slammed shut....and caught the fingers of both hands. Retrospectively I hope there were at least dramatic spurts of blood accompanying my squeals of a pig being ineffectively being slaughtered. There must have at least been some blood as my one fingertip popped! (Yes, it's the whole dramatic thing!!!)

I was taken to the sick room and my mom was called. Then I was hauled off to the doctor who told me my one fingertip might need to be amputated. I wasn't very happy about this! Would boys ever go for me with a missing fingertip? Three fingers were seriously injured. My fingertip was saved, but it is a bit deformed. The middle finger on the other hand is slightly deformed too, and I have a visible scar on another finger. It was extremely painful and I was off school for two weeks. Which I spent playing Manic Miner on my ZX Spectrum, despite my injuries. My other fingers still worked. That part was quite fun.

(Pixabay, not me, but it could've been!)

When I returned to school I learnt my screams had been heard by the entire school, which consisted of  three three story blocks and over a thousand pupils, and all the teachers needed to teach those pupils. Over the years there were the occasional references to the pig squealing incident, right until I left school. I still live in the same town, so I have heard about it a couple of times after I left school.

So that's me...quiet and unassuming...and memorable!


(If you have reached this far, and read my blog sometimes you will know it is only people who don't know me who might find me quiet and unassuming...okay scrap that, nobody does anymore!)

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