Not quite auction finds...

A couple of years ago we attended an auction of conference/wedding premises. It was not the type of auction we usually attend, as there is no market for expensive antique furniture in our little town. I went because they were also selling the contents of their clothing and shoe shop. Unfortunately I was underwhelmed, but I did get enough stock to make the trip worthwhile. Since stock wise the auction was a bit of a bust, I had fun taking photos. 



Everything in these photos was sold, but we didn't buy any of it. The premises were huge, and consisted of a very large wedding reception/conference hall, with separate offices and a big well-stocked bar. There was also a chapel, another more rustic hall, a cheese factory and a couple of shops. I found it really odd, but the owners of the premises opened up the bar for people to help themselves and there was a LOT of drinking taking place. As you can see by the premises, there were also a LOT of snooty people in attendance, which did not make for a delightful atmosphere.

Thank you for reading! @onetree

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