Pretty double rainbow pictures and a funny exchange between my boys!

After a day of hellfire (seems that is my word for the day!) heat, we had a satisfying heavy rainstorm while I was shopping for groceries after work. I arrived home and proceeded to cook.

My younger son had not been feeling well, and he begged off helping me. His older brother was not impressed as all the chores fell on his shoulders. All the cores!!! Really I had only asked him to grate carrots, but the unfair distribution of labour cuts deep!!!

All of a sudden, my sick younger son burst into the kitchen...Mom, you have to come and take a photo for Steemit, there is a DOUBLE rainbow!!! My older son, outraged, replied...I thought you were feeling sick?! My youngest...yes, but I HAD to tell mom, the price is up!!! Referring to the Steem/SBD price. (Though not's definitely not UP!)

The second rainbow is not very clear, especially with cellphone photography and because I was standing in the rain to take the photos. I could be ultra corny and say those two rainbows represent my boys (though only if they were of equal brightness), but...well...I'm going with the corny option!


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