Smokey's little photo story

Smokey is my adopted shelter kitty. She is no longer a kitten, but a young cat. We developed an instant bond when we first saw each other at the shelter. I took her out of the cage and she just purred and purred. I find she identifies more with people than other cats, even though I have three other cats at home.

I am used to the traditional aloof cat, and Smokey is really affectionate which is quite weird! We have developed strange little rituals. For instance, if I drink a glass of water in the bathroom, I must pour her her own cup. She literally drapes herself over me every night. This week she was playing in the forbidden place! I hate it when she comes down to the driveway area, as we have a lot of cars coming in and out, and I lost my beloved Snuffles there. Snuffles was my half blind rescue feral cat and I was devastated by his death. I try not to let Smokey play there, but she always tries to follow us when we leave.

So tiny in the vast expanse of driveway!

Exploring sand options. She has been weaned off an indoor sandbox, thank goodness!

The wall is a fun place to play, especially with the security of mom being around. We have aggressive neighbourhood cats which like to attack our much softer natured cats, so she wouldn't dare to linger here if she was alone.

Ever curious, Andy decided to see what we were doing!

My husband had to just pop out for a few minutes the other day, and I was waiting for my car for a little while. Of course Smokey made the most of the opportunity. I wanted her photo story to demonstrate her very sweet and gentle character. Did it work, or is my obsession with my cat colouring my interpretation of the photos?!!!


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