The glass ceiling and other municipal adventures

I am typing this first post from my new shop! Yipee! I am very fortunate as I only need to sort out my desk and papers. Only!!!  The huge majority of the work is being done by my husband and the staff.  My little frustration has been having to deal with the municipality and having our utilities connected, or as of now still unconnected.

Me taking selfies with the glass ceiling! (OMG that is an actual phrase!!!)

I am fascinated by our Municipal building though. It is recent construction, almost totally made out of glass, and far in excess of our town's actual needs. And now it will be my daily view from an open window near my desk. The mayor who was the driving force behind this behemoth  has recently emigrated (fled) to Dubai. The reason for my multiple visits has been a poorly trained new municipal staff member, who has made repeated mistakes with our new account. I have not lost my cool at all, as said staff member will hopefully become a new customer! We are sort of neighbours now. 

Queues and queues, sigh!

It is quite beautiful at midday, though I could feel the heat of the sun and with our high South African summer temperatures, this is not a good thing!


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