Walk with us in the hills outiside my home

I've been so privileged to spend this festive period with my sister and her family from New Zealand. Yesterday I took my kids and their cousin for a walk to a little waterfall about 10 minutes away from us in the farmlands behind the hills. My sister and her husband chickened out due to the fierce midday heat (about 33C) but we intrepidly set off.

My house directly below, and a view over the portion of the town.

We have had an unusual quantity of rain lately, and the vegetation is very dense, especially along the little stream with the mini waterfall, which are both often bone dry.

We had to cross a barbed wire fence. The farmers don't generally like us doing this, but I don't go into the hills often.

Finding this road was bliss as we had just walked through waist high grass.

Cows in the distance sheltering from the heat under a tree.

We found the stream and my daughter and my niece negotiated another barbed wire fence to sit on the edge of the waterfall. I didn't allow my boys to go through and they were most unhappy with me.

It has been possible to scale the rocks in the area of the waterfall, but the vegetation is way to dense at the moment.

This dappled little cove looked like a perfect picnic spot, but we hadn't packed any food ~ since we were only 10 minutes from home.

Heading home.

Almost there, but taking a break waiting for me. I was exhausted by the climb and descent. And the long grass made me itch like crazy. I had promised my niece a walk and I had delivered on my promise. It was exceptionally hot, but I did enjoy the little trip.


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