3 Music Videos, 3 Love Stories

It seems that love is always on the run. She comes into our lives without permission and take us on a wild ride. Where this ride lead is a mystery. I guess that's why people fall in love in the first place, they want to be part of this journey and unveil the curtain behind a mystery. Every story follows its own path and is unique like a snowflake.
Today I'm sharing 3 music videos as they reveal 3 different love stories. Strangers, who fall in love at first sight. A couple free falling in mid-air. A melancholic video shot in Iceland's wilderness.

Layo & Bushwacka - Love Story

A remake of a classic dance anthem from 2002, accompanied by an action sci-fi​ video of two strangers who stumble upon each other as they run away from​ the police. As they hide they unbreak objects around them. A metaphor of love's power to heal the broken.

Baauer - GoGo!

Some people are like an explosive. Put them together and sooner or later they will detonate. In this video, the car represents the relationship of the characters as the story unfolds. In the entire video, the car is in mid-air and falls rapidly to its inevitable end, just like this love story.

Feder - Blind

Beautifully shot, this video is a great example how to use Nature to help tell a story. The video is just a boy chasing a girl, as they wander Iceland's beautiful chilly wilderness. Simple right? But the way the camera move, the acting, and the music work together in harmony making this video very special. It is as if we are there running beside them.

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