Seablue Journal: A Little housework with a few shots and a cigar.

A little play after some housework today.

Monday and Tuesday were very idle days after my working weekend. I spent a lot of time watching movies and YouTube videos. On this Wednesday I decided it was time to get some housework done. I've cleaned up the kitchen, wiped down the benches, taken the trash out. Before that, I had been smoking my favorite cigar, the 'Last Call' by AJ Fernandez, while reading Patrick O'Brian's 'Post Captain'. After getting some sunshine for the purpose of my good health, I returned to the house to commence my housework.

One shot of tequila before I started, and I turned the classical music up to an uproarious volume and preceded to accomplish the menial tasks of the day. Having accomplished those task, I experimented with a few slices of lemon and few shots of tequila. So as the I compose this post, the warmth of the tequila spreads slowly through, and I'm delighted by the emotion of Johann Sebastian Bach - Matthäus Passion (BWV 244) - Erbarme Dich.

A very satisfying few hours.

This is not actually me (below), but it serves to illustrate the moment. I sat in my backyard in the sunshine while reading one of my favorite authors Patrick O'Brian.

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