Happy Monday on Голос!

At first, sorry, I don't speak Russian. I'm intrigued by the Cyrillic alphabet and my daughter studied a bit of the Russian language at the University, but I can't understand it, sorry again.

I want to start to share with you my tiny wooden sculptures "Monolocali Biculi" (in Italian means  means "studio apartment with two eyes "). They are born in May / June 2016, for my first solo exhibition entitled "Human Houses. Visual connections between home and emotions" in Pistoia (Italy). They are  strange tiny houses painted using oil colors, with the blackbird's eyes and 4 metal legs. Some of my friends said me that my freak houses made them think about the Baba Yaga's home. I never heard about the Baba Yaga's home before to make my houses and so had to read about it. I really love to discover old stories and legends all around the world!

Happy Monday to you all ^_^

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