My First Post On Golos Thanks To @ramta


Picture is Golos Exclusive. Not on Steemit....

I've been hearing about Golos for a while now so it's about time I posted here. I saw @ramta's post about Golos tonight and decided enough is enough! It's time to post! I would guess some might know me from Steemit, but for those who don't, I'm a writer and artist. Just to be transparent though, I had ontofractal set up a bot for me in here when I discovered that he makes bots for Golos. I had checked out Golos only briefly, but I was completely unaware that there were posts in English. So thanks again to @ramta.

Oddly enough, my Russian connections are getting stronger every day considering Rump and Putin are besties, but there's another reason I should be helping brother speaks Russian and his wife is Russian too. So, I'm actually quite familiar with Russian even though I don't speak it. I tried to talk my brother and his wife into trying out Golos when I discovered it, but they seem skeptical. I'll have to change their minds!

I am curious about all the differences between Golos and Steemit, so this could take me some time. In a nutshell, what are the main differences and who are the main developers of Golos?

As this is my very first post in here, I am not exactly sure what to write! It's like I'm starting all over again. I guess I am glad that the Russians forked though, since it makes sense to have a site in the same language, as the reward distribution would be so unfair!

I know that Google translate is not a good option, so maybe I'll learn some Russians songs and sing them in my terrible accent?

I guess I would say that the only thing that I've been consistent with over the last eight years is creating videos for my YouTube channel:

My only claim to fame is my Ham and Cheese Sandwiches music video:

But even this one is only popular among a small, select group of oddballs.

Thanks again for @ramta for making that post on Steemit! It's the reason I'm here today.


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